Fresh Kurti Designs to add to your Ethnic Wardrobe

Fresh Kurti Designs to add to your Ethnic Wardrobe

Kurti designs are available online in a variety of patterns, designs, outlines, and colours. Since the attire is one of the most important choices for every age of women, Do check out our catalogue, visit our Shop page

Dressing sense simply means to knowing about your appearance, what suits you well, and how to make yourself look attractive. It also speaks about your personality and lifestyle. But, the most comfortable and loving outfit for every woman is Kurti. Kurti is an outfit that has reached beyond the Indian borders and has expanded to the core to meet the dynamic demands of the fashion world.

It is a flexible piece of clothing that can be adapted to any season or occasion. But, one has to keep in mind how to attire themselves as there are many styles to enhance your clothing. In the case of Kurtis, the colour combination, pattern, designs, the choice of bottom wear, your overall look, your accessories are a few things that go into drafting the perfect look.

These days Kurtis are designed in such a way that is appropriate for an office, college and even wearing at home.

Traditionally, we wear ethnic dresses on any occasion. Whether you prefer cotton, voile fabric, Georgette, or any other material, our recommendations cover it all, and that too is under the affordable price bracket. Here are the best Kurti designs for your ethnic wardrobe. 

Fresh Kurti designs are in our inventory for your perfect outfit and to design an ethnic wardrobe. Are you ready to add your ethnic wardrobe with a fresh Kurti design? Scroll down to find our new catalogue.

The whole world is tending towards westernisation, whether you talk about food or lifestyle, and the same goes for the modern-day fashion trend as well. Women are always interested in trying the new western fashion trends, but some fashion genres are undoubtedly timeless, and ethnic wear belongs to such a type of fashion gini. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the office, party, or family gathering, a stylish looking ethnic wear will be perfect for every occasion

Reasons for Global Popularity of Women Ethnic Wear

There are a number of factors that have been attributed to the increasing popularity of Indian ethnic wear in the global market.


Fusion of Western-Traditional Fashion - Western fashion is known for its formality, suave style, elegant cuts, and high-end fashion that rules the international fashion ramp whereas Indian traditional wear is known for its glamour,  gorgeousness and opulence.


Increasing Online Promotion - One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity and demand of Indian ethnic wear in recent times is the increasing use of E-Commerce by the various small, medium and large-scale enterprises of India in the global market. The e-commerce and online stores have made it possible for Indian designers and craftsmen to reach out to the global fashion arena and also facilitated overseas trading facilities. The online sites have made it possible for people from all around the world to know about Indian tradition, ethnic wear and tried saving the Indian culture.


High-Quality Product at Reasonable Price - The main reason for the downfall of ethnic wear was mainly due to the reduced and cheap quality of the garments and extremely high prices. But modern designers and craftsmen have understood the demand and made few amends by improving the quality, design and finishing of the garments. The online stores have made these garments available at reasonable prices along with additional discounts and offers, which have turned Indian ethnic wear into a cost-effective and viable option making it available all around the world.



1. Go for Neutral Colours 

To find the perfect colour of your ethnic wear that will match your overall look, you can go for a neutral colour. Colours like red, green, and blue are known as jewel tones, and they are perfect for special occasions. But when it comes to proper ethnic wear and using it daily, then going with neutral colours like white will be perfect for you. You can go for a white suit with pink coloured palazzo with beautiful patterns.

2. Ideal for Traditional Occasions 

Traditional and ethnic outfits have always been the favourite during festive occasions such as Navratri, Diwali, Dussehra, Karwa Chauth and Eid. People living abroad also prefer to dress in traditional outfits with a touch of innovative style during the festive season in order to enjoy the occasions in its true spirit.

3. Comfort Always 

The first thing that you will need to focus while picking any ethnic wear is comfort. Many people choose ethnic wear based on style, colour, and trend, only more concerned that it should not be a burden.

Although Indian traditional dresses are usually meant for celebratory occasions, that doesn’t mean they can’t be adorned as casual and formal wear. This is where their versatility comes into play.


4. Follow Latest Trends with a Trendy Kurta

All the latest trends are at your disposal when you look for trendy clothes at online stores. These types of Kurtis are no different from the ones that you’ve seen above. But they always make you feel up to date with the latest trends. How?

Well, these types of Kurti will have an additional eye-catching factor. It could be a Dori tassel ornamentation, roll-up sleeves, a stylish silhouette, ¾ sized sleeves, or any other element. All you have to do is pick up the right trendy Kurti for the right event.

A trendy Kurta like the one in the image has a gravity look.  These elements make a Kurta trendy. But above all, it’s all about how you carry the Kurta. And what do you pair it up with?

If you want to pull off a trendy Kurta, then the first thing to be kept in mind is that to choose the bottoms wisely. These types of Kurtas go well with the bright colour or contrasting bottoms.


Vastralaya is well known for its traditional outfits. You can find different clothes for almost all occasions. We as a team tried our best to bring out the latest design for you. To know more, visit our website


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